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Zay Arabic Academy

Welcome to Zay Arabic Academy

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Zay Arabic Academy is a private Arabic school –located in Egypt – that teaches Arabic to non-native speakers from around the globe.
we have developed a unique learning approach, taking the best academic programs and combining them with real world experience and individually tailored lesson plans to offer you the best Arabic learning experience possible.

we offer Arabic courses of all types, Modern Standard Arabic,Egyptian Colloquial Arabic ,Classical Arabic ,Combined ECA | MSA ,Arabic Calligraphy and customized Arabic courses.

Learning Arabic

Arabic has a reputation for being very hard to learn, but we don't believe that's the case. The problem with Arabic is the way it’s being taught. Here at Zay you can continue studying on your own after just a few courses with us because we concentrate on the basics to help you build a good foundation. The best way to learn Arabic is to have native Arabic instructors and live in an Arabic speaking country like Egypt.

Studying online gives you the same experience as studying at Zay except for The Egyptian dialect, that living in Egypt for some time helps you to engage more with native Egyptians.

Zay Arabic school Welcome photoArabic students from  Japan at Zay School
About Arabic Language   Why study Arabic ?

Learn Arabic at Zay Arabic Academy

British Arabic Student

Laurence Underhill has been living in Cairo since October, 2011. He works as a photographer in Egypt. It was important to him to learn Arabic so he started searching for a good Arabic teacher. After meeting three or four Arabic teachers, he met Reebal (Zay Arabic Academy Executive director) and decided to study Egyptian Arabic at Zay Academy. Here's what he has to say about his experience living and learning Arabic in Cairo, Egypt.

see Laurence progress after 45 hours of studying Egypitan colloquial Arabic.

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Testimonials | Recommendation

Japanees Arabic student This is the best Arabic language school in Egypt.more..
laurance thumb I had the good fortune of studying under Reebal Hassany Abdullah when I lived in Egypt in 2006 / 2007.more..
what students say about studying Arabic Language with us

Arabic courses:

Learn at your place

Zay Arabic Academy offers a new service that allows Arabic students to study in his chosen place. If you are on a tight schedule, you have problem with traffic or hold . more..

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