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Zay Arabic Academy

Frequently asked questions

In this section we will find answers to common questions that concern Arabic learners.If your cant find answer to your question please email us at info@studyarabicegypt.com for further information.

  • A. Questions about Arabic language and studying at Zay Arabic Academy.
  • B. Questions about living in Cairo, Egypt.

Q.What courses does Zay Arabic Academy offer?

Q.What is the difference between Modern standard Arabic (MSA) and Egyptian colloquial Arabic (ECA)?

A.Modern Standard Arabic is the modern version of the old classical Arabic which was first spoken and written thousands of years ago on the Arabian penninsula . It is the language of the Koran as well as the language used in newspapers, on satellite television and in business and politics throughout the Arab world. It is the same throughout the Middle East and understood and spoken by most educated Arabs, from Morocco to Egypt, from Syria to the Gulf States. Egyptian colloquial Arabic is the local dialect of Egypt, spoken at home, on the street, in local shops and in local business.Because of Egypt's robust television and film industry as well as it's political power - with more than 80 million citizens, Egypt is the largest country in the Middle East - Egyptian colloquial Arabic is understood in most Arab countries. Read more about Moderns Standard Arabic (MSA) and Egyptian colloquial Arabic (ECA).

Q.Can I apply for Arabic courses at any time or are there registration deadlines?

A.Yes, you can apply for an Arabic courses at any time, for private class (one –to –one) you can start at any time but for group class you may have to wait a few days until the group is complete.

Q.How can I apply for Arabic courses (registration process)?

A.You can apply directly via the website , bye-mail , by phone or just visit us.

Q.How may students are there in group classes?

A.The maximum number of students in a group class is 5.

Q.What are the working days/hours?

A.We work all days from 9 am to 8pm except for Fridays and Saturdays.

Q.What are customized courses?

A.Customized courses are courses made especially for your needs. For example, if you need to strengthen your grammar or your conversation skills, or if you need to study Arabic for a specific field like journalism or trade, we tailor courses to meet your needs.

Q.Why should I study at Zay Arabic Academy?

  • A.1- All teachers are professional native Arabic instructors.
  • 2- Zay is located in Egypt, and the best way to learn a language is to study among the people who speak it.
  • 3- Unique Teaching method; we combine academic programs with real world experience to offer students the best learning experience.
  • 4- No hidden fees.

Q.What language is used for teaching in Zay Arabic Academy?

A.For modern standard course, only MSA is used. Likewise Egyptian dialect is used in Egyptian colloquial course.

Q.Which is better: group classes or private classes?

A.Our philosophy is that private classes are best for beginner students and for those students already at an advanced level or those looking to gain specific professional linguistic skills. However, our group classes are small enough to ensure that each student gets the necessary attention to improve quickly, regardless of their level when the class starts.

Q.Do you provide Housing/accommodation service?

A.We do not provide accomodation directly but we can help you find accommodation throw third parties and our contacts in Cairo. Read more about housing/accommodation.

Q.How much does it cost?

A.Read this for full information about prices (fees).

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