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Zay Arabic Academy

About Zay Arabic Academy


Zay Arabic Academy is a private Arabic school for non-native speakers, founded in 2011 and affiliated with the Arab Language Protection Association (جمعية حماية لغة العرب). After more than six years of experience in teaching Arabic for native and non-native speakers, Mr.Reebal Hassany Abdullah and a mix of university professors and professional Arabic instructors established Zay Arabic Academy. The Academy runs around your schedule. We aren't focused on profits; we're focused on turning you into a confident, fluent speaker of the Arabic language as quickly as possible.

While Zay is a new academy, founded just last year, our instructors have worked with students from around the globe, from the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa. Our students come to Zay to study a wide variety of subjects. We offer Modern Standard Arabic, Egyptian Colloquial Arabic, MSA/ECA combined courses, Arabic calligraphy classes and customized instruction that can help you meet any special professional or personal goals you might have.

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Our Vision

At Zay Arabic Academy we provide a different learning approach, we take the best of academic programs combined them with real world experience to offer you the best Arabic learning experience. For example: most academic programs do not teach you Arabic alphabet neither Accent Marks (diacritic, also diacritical mark, diacritical point, diacritical sign. Which is a glyph added to a letter above or below, that indicate different sound of the same letter), but form field experience learning Accent Marks gives students the ability to read correct Arabic after just 8 hours.

At Zay Arabic Academy we choose Arabic instructors who love Arabic and proud of being Arabic instructors, that is, every student represents a challenge, and wining the challenge is our true value.

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