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Zay Arabic Academy

Combined Modern Standard Arabic & Egyptian Colloquial Arabic

Combined MSA\ECA course is designed for students who are staying in Egypt for more than a year like diplomats, journalists, study abroad students, etc. Combined course is designed to simulate the way native Egyptian/Arab learn his own language, you will be able to use ECA for daily activities (speak to common people, watch Egyptian movies or series, listen to Egyptian broadcast, read road signs and banners) and MSA for reading newspaper, listen to Arab broadcast, writing text in Arabic and communicate with any educated Arab.

The course begins by teaching you Modern Standard Arabic first, because it’s the original version of Arabic language; then introduces students to Egyptian Colloquial Arabic; this way, students can notice the relation between formal standard Arabic and Egyptian dialect. Egyptian dialect also understood among Arab countries.

Studying combined MSA \ ECA give students’ better understanding of Arabic Language. Both; local dialect (plus understanding local culture) and literary Arabic (understanding Arab literature, history, social and politics).

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