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Egyptian colloquial Arabic (ECA, Ammya)

Egyptian colloquial Arabic (ECA, Ammya), is the local Arabic dialect spoken in Egypt by more than 60 million native Egyptian and understood well by the remaining Egyptians (about 30 million), as well as by immigrant Egyptian communities in the Middle East, Europe, US, North America, etc. Egyptian Arabic is also understood in all Arab countries and Middle East because of the Egyptian influence in Arab countries. Egypt has always enjoyed a prestige among Arabs, there are great numbers of Egyptian teachers and professors who set up the education systems of various countries in the Arabic speaking world, also the popularity of Egyptian films and other media in the region made ECA a language that is understood and used across borders. For instance it’s not easy to an Algerian to understand a Moroccan, however all Arab countries have no difficulty understanding Egyptian Colloquial Arabic.

Egyptian Arabic is a live language used in daily life activities, movies, songs, modern poetry, broadcast, etc. recently Egyptian Arabic moved from spoken only dialect to a distinct complete language – now there are many authors who prefer to write in ECA.

By applying to Egyptian Arabic course; we will be able to understand and interact with Egyptians, watch Egyptian movies and listen to broadcast. So if you intend to live or work in Egypt –or elsewhere in the Arab world- then learn Egyptian Arabic to make life easier for you.

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